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   How to detox safely & naturally

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The Ultra Simple Diet

This diet is exactly what it says it is. It was developed by Dr. Mark Hyman, the Medical Director for the Ultrawellness Center and a pioneer in functional medicine. Here's how he describes his diet:

"Provide your body with the good things, take away the bad things, and you body’s natural intelligence takes over and you lose weight and gain health."

Daily Schedule

UltraSimple is a 7 day program that seeks to address toxicity and inflammation. Hyman believes that these two factors are the reason why many people struggle with obesity.

Foods to Avoid

  • Caffeine

  • Processed and refined carbohydrates and sugar

  • High-fructose corn syrup

  • Hydrogenated (trans) fats

  • Processed, packaged, junk, or fast foods

  • Alcohol

Foods to Eat

  • Filtered water

  • Fish, especially small, nonpredatory species such as sardines, herring, wild salmon, black cod or sable fish, sole, and cod

  • Lean white meat chicken breasts (preferably organic)

  • Fresh or frozen noncitrus fruits, ideally berries only (preferably organic)

  • Fresh vegetables (preferably organic)

  • Fresh vegetable broth (three to four cups per day)

  • Legumes (lentils, navy beans, adzuki beans, mung beans, tofu, and others)

  • Brown rice

  • Nuts and seeds (almonds, walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, and pumpkin seeds)

  • Flaxseeds (ground, preferably organic)

  • Lemons

    A very detailed day-by-day plan is included - along with recipes, and even lifestyle changes.

The Basic Program:

* Get rid of bad foods and toxins - sugar, trans fat, HFCS, refined carbohydrates, processed foods, alcohol, and caffeine

* Add good foods - whole, unprocessed vegetables, fruit, beans, brown rice, fish, and chicken

* Avoid all potential food allergens - dairy, gluten, yeast, eggs, peanuts, corn, nightshades, and citrus

* Drink UltraShakes - a low allergy protein shake full of nutrients

* Drink UltraBroth - vegetable broth you can easily make by cooking up vegetables, spicing as you like, draining and saving the liquid and sipping on that throughout the day.

* Take UltraBaths - add Epsom salt, baking soda and lavender oil to your bath

* Reflection - write in you journal daily while you are on the program to reflect on how you are feeling, what things are changing, etc.

The Enhanced Program (add this to the Basic Program):

* Optimized liver detoxification with olive oil and lemon juice in the morning

* Nutritional supplements - Liver detoxification supportive herbs and nutrients, Vitamin C. Magnesium citrate, Probiotics and an Herbal laxative

* Rice protein to provide amino acids that help your body detoxify

* Flax seeds and flax oil for omega 3 fats

* Exercise-walking

* Active relaxation

An average day on The Ultra Simple Diet

* Journaling upon waking

* Breakfast (Lemon juice and hot water, green tea, and UltraShake)

* Snack (UltraBroth, +/- UltraShake (if hungry))

* Lunch (2 cups vegetables, 1/2 cup brown rice, +/- UltraShake)

* Snack (UltraBroth, +/- UltraShake (if hungry))

* Dinner (2 cups vegetables, 1/2 cup brown rice, 4-6 ounces fish or chicken, or 1 cup of beans, 1 cup UltraBroth)

* Journaling before bed

* UltraBath

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