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Personal Care Products

Petrochemicals in Conventional Personal Care Products Are Absorbed Through the Skin.

Another group of toxins comes into your body through personal care products.  The same products that are designed for beneficial results--smooth skin, silky hair, seductive scents, or preventing body odors--can be bringing you into direct contact with numerous chemical substances.  It is important to remember that your skin is not an impermeable substance.  It is your largest single organ and an important part of your body's detoxification system.  It can release toxins via sweat, but it also absorbs them.  Any chemicals you apply in the form of personal care products go through your skin and into your bloodstream.  

Take a brief inventory of chemical substance that you apply directly to your body, from head to toe.  Do you use shampoos or conditioners with strong chemical components?  Read the labels on the products you are currently using.  Are there chemicals you might be wary about absorbing into your body?  Do you regularly use hair spray or hair dyes?  If so, what chemicals do they include? What about face care?  Do you need to reconsider your use of shaving products, after shaves, and lotions or conditioners?  Or does your facial care include use of moisturizers, deep cleaning agents, or the daily application of cosmetics?  Do you know what chemical agents are included in those products?

What about your body?  Are you currently using chemically based antiperspirants?  Do you use body lotion or medicated lotions?  Are you a regular user of insect repellents?  Is your sunscreen chemically based?  Do you use scents daily?  Did you know some petrochemically produced perfumes have the same chemical structure as neurotoxins?  Do you wear dry-cleaned clothes regularly?  If so, do you air them first to help rid them of chemical agents used in the dry-cleaning process?  Are you absorbing chemicals from residues left by your laundry soaps or treatments? 

Another group of toxins can come through care of your hands and feet.  Many municipal areas classify nail polish as a hazardous waste for disposal purposes.  And polish removers also contain strong chemical agents.  Are you using hand lotions or medicated creams on a daily basis?  Do you use glues or other chemicals associated with artificial nails?

While none of these agents may be toxic individually, remember, you're calculating your overall environmental load.  Each one is a little more cargo in your boat.  Here are a few tips for shopping for nontoxic personal care products

Controlling these elements may leave more space available for those exposures to toxins that you can't control.  Fortunately your body is one area where you can exercise a high level of control.  Another is your personal environment--chemicals you come into contact with in your home, garden or auto.

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