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New Year's Eve Pre-Detox Guide

When we talk about a pre-detox for New Year’s Eve, what we are talking about is mitigating the effects of alcohol. If you are a non-drinker, New Year’s Eve is the one exception you might make. If you are an alcoholic, this is your holiday where no one will judge you. For the great majority that is the rest of us, we want to have fun, get a little tipsy, but not pay for it then or later.

Understanding the basic rules & regulations for alcohol consumption self-management can be the difference between a DUI and/or terrible hang-over and a really fun night. The New Year’s Eve pre-detox is as much mental as physical.

The basic rule for alcohol consumption is to have no more than 1 beer or glass of wine every hour. If you don’t have a drinking problem the big issue at someone’s New Year’s party is what to do about toasts and peer pressure. If you really don’t want to join in then tell everyone “I’m the designated driver.” If you’re looking to moderate your consumption without insulting your hosts, ask for a splash in your glass. If they’re too intoxicated or insistent, then simply pour some of that Champagne out in the sink when a discrete moment affords itself. This may seem like an insult or a waste, but the truth is every bit of alcohol you don’t consume makes your life that day a little healthier.

The effective dose of alcohol equals the toxic dose. That’s why they call being drunk intoxication. What this means is that the same dose that gets you high harms you. Alcohol is not the only example. Smoking cigarettes and sniffing glue are also comparable, but it is interesting to note that of those three intoxicants, only alcohol was prohibited by the US government in the 1920’s. As the United States learned, making a substance against the law simply makes its use and abuse more appealing and illegal sources means there is no government regulation to protect the public.

So how do you get a buzz going without harming yourself or others? The answer is “very carefully”. Understanding how alcohol works in the body is the first step. Organic alcohol or ethanol is derived from plants that are fermented and/or distilled. The alcohol molecule is the most concentrated form of sugar that is easily assimilated in the body.

As the pancreas and spleen fail in their attempt to manage the onslaught of so much sugar so fast, you start to feel tipsy. They call it tipsy because the toxicity affects your functioning including the ability to stand up. So your job on New Year’s Eve is to take in as little of this poison as possible.

If alcohol is a poison and you're still interested in drinking at least a little, then the drink can be diluted with sparkling juice. Or you can sip on your drink slowly if it's full strength. In addition to imbibing slowly, never drink alcohol by itself. Always take it with food and water. The food dilutes the alcohol while the water helps with the alcohol’s power to dehydrate. With less dehydration you are more sober, but your organs are harmed less.

If all this is scaring you away from alcohol consumption – good. Do what I do. Fill your glass only with sparkling grape juice and toast the night away to your heart’s content.

But if you, like many, toast the night away with wine, champagne, liquor or other such spirits, you will be in need of the New Year's Day hangover detox.

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