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How We Lose Weight
The first step to losing weight is understanding how we gain it.

Detox Diet Weight Loss
How a detox diet will help you lose weight.

Weight Loss Secrets
Experts' takes on what works andwhat doesn't.

Digestion & Weight Loss

Undigested food is a big culprit in weight gain.


Lymph Cleanse
Learn how to detox the lymph system. Plus, foods that naturally detox the lymph.

Lung Detox
How to support lung health this winter with a detox cleanse.

Colon Detox
Colon cleansing is essential to any detox program. Learn how to detox the colon safely.

Liver Detox
The liver is the primary organ of detoxification in the body. Learn how to detox the liver safely with this liver detox gude.


Lemon Detox Diet
The lemon detox diet is one of the best and most simple detox diets. Here's a guide and one-gallon recipe.

Liquid Diets
Fasting with fruit and vegetable juices is a safe and thorough detox method when done properly.

Detox & Weight Loss
Yes, a detox diet will help you lose weight. Before you start any detox diet, read this.

Easy Detox Diet
This weekend detox diet is a safe and gentle detox method, perfect for the detox newbie and the ultra busy.

Holiday Survival Guide: Holiday Pre-Detox, Part 2

detox diet weight lossHoliday Survival Guide
In my last article, I discussed ways you can prevent the indigestion and bloating so common with holiday partying. Today we will look at unique and inventive solutions.

Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

by Lynn Baer, M.A., N.C.

In my last article we explored the common myths around preventing overeating, bloating, and indigestion during the holidays. In this piece we will look at unique and inventive solutions.

So what can you do?

The easiest thing is to get support from friends and family. When you arrive tell everyone that your health team has suggested that you could have a much more fun holiday by observing some commonsense rules. Make it a topic of conversation or an ice breaker instead of behavior that you will have to defend the entire evening. Then simply do this:

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1. Make a plate of food rich in vegetables and salads. If Dad’s famous French dressing is a huge tradition put a little of that on your salad and make a point of showing him that you did. Same applies to Mom’s mashed potatoes and Aunt Suzie’s candied yams. But the overall composition of your plate should be high in fiber and as low in fat as you can make it. This is your home base from which you will now make limited and controlled excursions into dietary no-man’s land.

2. Try everything, but just a little. If Mom makes the best pumpkin pie on planet earth you’re going to have to taste it and praise it. Have a bite with ice cream if she insists. Then praise her to the high heavens and return to your planned meal.

If there’s a toast with wine or beer ask for a sip not a glass.

If there’s appetizers and snacks, taste it and compliment who made it.

Trying everything keeps you in the loop with your hosts who gathered and prepared the elaborate meal. Instead of being seen as the one person who “found religion” around detox, you actually are sampling and praising everyone who made the holiday feast special. You really are able to have “just one bite” and return to “home plate” of your prepared meal.

3. Set an example. You can get support for your new found gastronomical passion by explaining to friends and family what you are doing for yourself. After all, if everyone was a taster like you, the only thing that would change is that the cooks would make less of everything since everyone is simply sampling.

4. Be an equal opportunity taster. Even if you don’t regularly eat something, unless you are allergic, try things that you normally would not eat. This will make you seem flexible and much more popular and appreciated by the chefs. If you’re a fanactical vegan this will not work, but if you’re a vegetarian that tolerates eating meat in yourself and others, the holidays are not the time to advertise or enforce your new found dietary regimen.

5. And finally remember, that yes you can detox later in the privacy of your own home, but this lifestyle and psychological holiday pre-detox can eliminate tension and stress during the holiday time and the dread of the consequences of added pounds, sugars and fats. Try it once for this holiday & you’ll find that you get better at it each year until you find other family members are joining you in “all things in moderation”.

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