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The Açaí Berry and Weight Loss

The Açaí Berry as a Weight Loss Aid
Proponents say the Açaí Berry helps your body burn fat more efficiently and process food more quickly.

The Açaí Berry and Weight Loss

Once Oprah gets a hold of something, it's as good as endorsed by the highest of authorities. Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Nicholas Perricone themselves frequent her show to share the healing properties of various foods and lifestyle choices.

It's no wonder then that a dizzying array of acai berry detox and weight loss products have taken the internet by storm. Dr. Perricone can be found on Oprah's website touting the many benefits of the amazing acai berry. Dr. Perricone calls the acai berry a #1 superfood, given that it contains a potent concentration of anti-aging antioxidants, healthy fats, dietary fiber and essential amino acids.

Dr. Oz made a February 2008 appearance on the Oprah show praising the acai berry as better than blueberries, grapes or pomegranates. He too includes it on his list of favorite superfoods.

These claims are true and have been substantiated by the medical community. A study by the University of Florida conducted in 2006 revealed that the antioxidants in the acai berry killed leukemia cells.

Despite the fact that Oprah and Drs. Oz and Perricone are shown as endorsing a number of acai berry products, neither doctor ever made promises about quick weight loss or other the other exaggerated acai berry health claims we see daily in our inboxes. These health claims are the instruments of dozens of MLM's and health product manufacturers who are trying to capitalize on the acai berry craze that was inevitable. The acai berry rose to fame and into the mainstream due to the Oprah Effect. It's a matter of sheer exposure.

Oprah never intended to create an acai berry phenomenon. Her web site now carries a disclaimer that states that neither Oprah nor Dr. Oz endorse any acai berry product, company or online business.

Bottom line: the acai berry is a wonderful superfood, but it won't perform medical miracles. If you see an expensive acai berry product that promises fast weight loss or perfect health, don't buy it.

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