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Enemas and Colonics

The colon is one of the four primary systems for excretion of toxins, both exotoxins – those that originate outside the body, and endotoxins – those that originate inside the body as a result of   the processes of metabolism.  Combinations of bad diet, insufficient fiber, too many toxins, lack of   exercise, too much stress, as well as illness, can all contribute to poor bowel health. A healthy bowel moves one to three times a day. 

Enemas and/or colonics can give a great boost to a person's detoxification efforts, as well as helping to resolve chronic constipation. The reason they are an important part of detoxification efforts is that during this time, toxins that have been stored in the liver, the gallbladder and in fat tissue come back into the bloodstream in higher quantities. An enema or colonic can eliminate these toxins in a hurry and resolve symptoms such as headaches that they cause.Enemas are done in the privacy of your own home, but without our resevoir of common knowledge on this subject as to how to do them, you may feel that doing one yourself at home is more of an adventure.

Colon Cleansing Methods

Methods of cleansing the colon (the name for the section of the large intestine from the cecum to the rectum) known as colonics can take the form of enemas, colon flushes, and clay or fiber cleanses.  The use of colonics is a controversial approach to improving the health of the colon.

Some medical practitioners are very opposed to the use of colonics, convinced that changes in diet, fluid intake, and exercise should be sufficient to achieve a healthy colon environment.  Some homeopaths suggest that colonics negatively impact the body's fluids.  Others feel colonics disrupt the friendly intestinal flora.

On the other hand, many practitioners feel strongly that colonics can support healthy digestive function, aid the body in the discharge of stored toxins, and promote greater overall health.  A healthy bowel moves one to three times a day.  Colonics and enemas can frequently help reverse a condition of chronic constipation.  (On the other hand, this can also lead to an "addictive" dependency on colonics or enemas to maintain bowel movement regularity.)

Some people find that enemas and/or colonics give a great boost to their detoxification efforts.  Enemas increase the speed of the elimination of toxins that are stored in the liver, the gallbladder and in fat tissue that come back into the bloodstream in higher quantities during detoxification.  By helping to eliminate these toxins rapidly, an enema or colonic can resolve symptoms such as headaches that may arise during detoxification. 

Other less intrusive methods of colon regulation can be found.  Traditionally, cultures worldwide have advocated regular fasting as a means of achieving physical or spiritual purity.  During fasting, without new foods being introduced to the colon, the body is able to concentrate on removing older wastes.  Monofasts, i.e. eating only one kind of fruit or brown rice throughout the day, can help cleanse the colon.  (See how to cook brown rice.)  One great way to get extra fiber to help cleanse the colon, and obtain essential fatty acids at the same time, is to eat ground flax seeds

How to Do an Enema

The preferred enema bag has a long plastic tube that can be inserted deeply into the rectum, at least eighteen inches. Bags with short tubes leave all the water in the sigmoid colon, which can hold up to four or five quarts of water.

To prepare the enema, fill the bag with the desired liquid, lukewarm for most situations. Expel a little water from the tube to let out air bubbles, which can cause cramping. Lubricate the end with a little vaseline for easier insertion. Prescription for Nutritional Healthing recommends Vitamin E oil.

The most comfortable and most effective position is the knee-chest position, with the shoulders, head and arms on the floor, the rectal area elevated. The enema bag should be hung a few feet above the rectal area so the water can run down (a towel rack is about the right height). Insert the lubricated tip into the rectum a few inches, then as the water is running, gradually insert it as far as possible. Never use force. Ease the tube through gradually, at the same time massaging the abdominal area to relieve cramping. If cramping becomes too painful, stop the flow for a few minutes, and continue massage. The stomach muscles can also be flexed and contracted to ease cramping. If the flow of water stops, ease the tube back a little and try again, or stop and start the flow of water a few times to dislodge the blockage. At first it may not be possible to insert the tube more than five or six inches, but as the colon gets cleaned out, as much as 20 inches is possible. The further the tube is inserted into the colon, the better the cleansing job will be. It may be necessary to fill and expel several times, each time inserting the tube deeper. When as much water as possible has been expelled into the colon, lie on the side and retain for 20-25 minutes or as long as possible, then expel, taking as much time as necessary. Repeat the procedure until the water runs clear. The amount of water retained increases with subsequent enemas, until a full bag can be accomodated.


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