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How We Lose Weight
The first step to losing weight is understanding how we gain it.

Detox Diet Weight Loss
How a detox diet will help you lose weight.

Weight Loss Secrets
Experts' takes on what works andwhat doesn't.

Digestion & Weight Loss

Undigested food is a big culprit in weight gain.


Lymph Cleanse
Learn how to detox the lymph system. Plus, foods that naturally detox the lymph.

Lung Detox
How to support lung health this winter with a detox cleanse.

Colon Detox
Colon cleansing is essential to any detox program. Learn how to detox the colon safely.

Liver Detox
The liver is the primary organ of detoxification in the body. Learn how to detox the liver safely with this liver detox gude.


Lemon Detox Diet
The lemon detox diet is one of the best and most simple detox diets. Here's a guide and one-gallon recipe.

Liquid Diets
Fasting with fruit and vegetable juices is a safe and thorough detox method when done properly.

Detox & Weight Loss
Yes, a detox diet will help you lose weight. Before you start any detox diet, read this.

Easy Detox Diet
This weekend detox diet is a safe and gentle detox method, perfect for the detox newbie and the ultra busy.

Constipation Remedies and Colon Cleansing

constipation remedies

Constipation Remedies

If you are not having at least one bowel movement everyday, you would do well to work on gaining regularity as a healthful health step. There are any number modes to cure your constipation:
Laxative herbs or teas. The herbs senna and cascara sagrada are the primary ingredient of many over the counter laxative products. Ex-Lax, for example, is simply a small amount of senna concealed in yummy chocolate. Be aware that senna will tend to induce abdominal cramping. If you plan to employ an herbal laxative for a long stretch of time, choose cascara sagrada. These herbs can be purchased in capsules or tablets. Take these herbs at nighttime for a bowel movement in the morning.
Enemas. For fast relief from constipation, enemas are the optimal method. You can buy an enema bag or get the packaged Fleet enema. Both are safe to employ on a sporadic basis, but be sure not to exceed once each week. 
Colonics. The colonic is a more complex type of enema, administered by a certified professional. During the process of a colonic water is moved in and out of the colon repeatedly. A colonic will give your colon a good cleansing and will enhance the muscles in your lower intestines. Colonics should be done at the very most once every month.
Your large intestine is, in fact, your colon. Thus, when we refer to intestinal cleansing of the large intestine, we are pertaining to colon cleansing. Colon cleansing can never be exaggerated because the colon is, by all measure, the body's sewer system. Toxins and waste materials end up in the colon, they must also move through the colon. One of the most prevalent wellness ailments among people is bowel irregularity. The laxative business is booming because regular bowel movements is primary to our general feeling of of well-being. Anybody with a chronically sluggish colon usually suffers from aggravation and fatigue.
But, even if you imagine you are regular, you might have an unclean, congested colon. Some of the most common symptoms of a congested colon include stomach distension, bloating, sluggishness, fatigue, a feeling of fullness in the lowe abdomen, and confusion.
Colon cleansing requires taking away surplus waste material from the colon. You may not believe it but many of us are carrying around as much as ten pounds of excess material in the colon. Medical doctors agree to this, not simply the colon cleansing business. There are a dizzying array of colon cleansing products out there on the market, way too many for most of us to sort out. To help us make sense of it all, a board of three medical doctors have reviewed 20 colon cleansing products. If you're in the market for a colon cleansing product, it will be helpful to look at these colon cleansing product reviews.

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