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An Apple a Day
(Does Keep the Doctor Away)

Funny how accurate that old expression was, if slightly under the mark on numbers.  Decades later, we find that all the literature on detox and immune support, not to mention cancer and cardiac preventive health, stresses how important fresh fruits and vegetables are to health. 

Good news for busy people.  Fresh fruit is the original "fast" food.  It requires no preparation other than washing.  And with our modern food delivery system, you can't complain that high quality produce is not available all year long.  Maybe not in the former USSR, but it certainly is here in the U.S. and all the other developed countries I'm aware of.  And you can't say it's too expensive in winter, not if you have any consideration for how valuable your health is.

And while all fruit in my opinion is wonderful, I would like to humbly submit my nomination of the apple -- that widely available, well-recognized and immenently affordable fruit -- as the most practical member of the fruit family, and therefore a natural friend in your changing diet.

Two reasons I present.

 1.  The apple is provided with a handle so it can be eaten on the run with only one hand.  It is therefore very easy to eat apples in your car.

 2.  Apples are rarely so juicy as to be messy and if a particular one is, it's one great tasting fresh Fall apple and you're going to forgive its messiness and just close your eyes and think of how wonderful Fall and apples are (but not if you're driving).  But the rest of the year, though tasty and crisp, they're very neat, and that means you can eat them with good clothes on, such as on the way to or from work or meetings.

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Here some ideas for working some apples into your life.

On the weekend, when you go to the market, buy 10 beautiful apples, organic if available.  As soon as you arrive home, wash them all and polish them with a clean dish towel.  Then either arrange them in a nice bowl situated in a convenient spot where you can grab them (this could be at work) or wrap them individually in paper towels and put them in sandwich bags (we re-use all our plastic bags, so this is not an unenvironmental idea).  Voila!  They're now healthy, convenient on-the-go food that you can throw in your purse, briefcase, backpack, lunch box, saddle-bag, or whatever else goes out the door with you.

If your gums are sore, or for some other reason you're not able to eat apples, you still need them and other fruits as well.  We suggest you throw them in a blender in the morning with a banana and a little o.j. and you'll still get all the benefits.  The fresh fruit is the thing here.  Canned or frozen apple juice isn't going to give you those benefits -- neither the vitamin content of the fresh fruit, nor the soluble fiber either.

Last but not least, remember that apples are wonderfully filling, especially considering how low they are in calories.  Another great time to reach for them is when you're hungry and might otherwise reach for some high fat, prepared foods.

We always have fresh apples on hand in our house.  We hope you will too.

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